Prayer and Action in Times of Natural Disasters

Weekly Bulletin

Sent Out September 7, 2017

Our biblical ancestors turned to prayer in times of disaster and in times of need. In this week’s Haftarah portion from the 60th chapter of Isaiah, we read:

Arise, shine, for your light has dawned;  The Presence of Adonai has shone upon you! Behold! Darkness shall cover the earth,  And thick clouds the peoples;  Upon you Adonai will shine,  And God’s Presence will be seen over you.

We pray that God’s presence be a source of comfort for those who will look out to see the darkness and clouds of Hurricane Irma as she covers their typical view. We send prayers to Puerto Rico and the Caribbean Islands affected by Hurricane Irma and we continue to pray as the hurricane heads towards Florida. Yet we know that those affected will need more than our prayers.

As we face another week of waiting to hear how we can be of help in the aftermath of the storm, may we be moved toward acts of tzedakah. May we make responsible donations to organizations offering assistance, and may we give our time toward causes that will continue to help those in need in the days and months ahead.

I am so proud to hear of all the amazing work our congregants have been doing to help those affected by Hurricane Harvey in Houston. May we all find the strength to continue this holy work, and may we give strength to others at this time and always.