Torah Godly Play

"[Torah] Godly Play is an innovative approach to religious education that seeks not so much to tell stories of faith in order that we will 'know' them, but as spiritual action of finding meaning, identity, and God through storytelling and listening. The pedagogical ideal of this approach is that, from the earliest age, children are invited to experience and become increasingly aware of the spiritual call within sacred stories and of their own deep responses as something naturally afforded by religious narrative."*

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What is in Torah?

Where am I in Torah?

Where is God in Torah?




  • KNOW: Students will know the content of selected Torah stories

  • UNDERSTAND: Students will develop a sense that Torah belongs to them.

  • BE ABLE TO: Students will be able to respond to selected Torah stories through creative explorations


Creating the environment


The Torah Play room is intentionally designed to allow students to feel ownership over the classroom and provide them with full access to the materials that best help them learn. The students are at the center of their own learning. The shelves are low so that students do not have to ask for help to reach materials. Torah Play classrooms attempt to make use of objects that feels natural, opting for wood instead of plastic whenever possible as well as the use of silk, smooth rocks, sand, and high-quality art materials. 


a place of exploration

| Listen to the story |

| Answer "wondering" questions |

| Interpret Torah stories through play-based exploration |